Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Summer Days

Hellooooo 4 friends!

Can I just start by saying that I hate summer? Well, I do. I do not like the heat, the mosquitos or the fact that I can't drink tea in the morning without breaking a sweat. I do like grilling outside, though, but you can do that any time o' year in Las Cruces.

Anyway, with summer comes lots of sweaty and adorable little kids. We've gone swimming in the Rio Grande river the last two weekends. It's been interesting. Summer also means lots of watermelon. If you ask our family to vote, I choose yellow meat and Jake chooses red.

The puppies are doing well. Josie is HUGE and has taught Celia how to be more dog-like. They catch birds together and munch them all the live long day. It's gross and cute. They also dig lots of holes together, less gross and significantly less cute, too.

I'm still working for the eye doctor and Jake's still an electrician. I write and shoot to make some extra mula on the side. We're workin' our little butts off to get student loans paid off before we die. Dave Ramsey has taught us well. We'll pay off one little loan in two months. We don't have car payments. We're pretty proud of ourselves for that. *pat on back.

Bellow are some pictures of my most precious and wonderful nieces and nephews. The count is up to 11. We've had 4 new ones since November, with Levi rounding out the pack on July 7th. So much love. These kids crack me up.

In other news:

+I think I bit off more than I could chew for a marathon. But that's okay. I'll be happily running just because I want to.

Oh. Here's a few animal pictures. The world would cease to spin if there weren't pictures of animals.

That's all for now :)

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