Tuesday, July 10, 2012

May I present....


We "rescued" this lil' pup last week from an animal rescue organization up in Albuquerque. The people said she's a Belgian Shepherd Dog, aka a "Malinois," cousin to German Shepherds. Malinois have shorter hair than a regular GSD and tend to be a bit more petite. Now that we have her, we're convinced there's something else floating around in her gene pool, but can't be sure as to what. Either way, she's adorable. Celia loves her and now is The World's Greatest Dog. It's awesome.

Josie is only 4 months old but had sprouted quite a bit in the last week and is now noticeably larger than Celia who is all done growin'. They're the best of friends. Celia keeps her in line when the puppyness gets out of hand and Josie gives Celia someone to chase and play with. The cats aren't super excited about it, but they're not in a bad place about having yet another pooch to contend with.

A few fun facts about Josie:

1. She cannot play fetch
2. She loves to eat Junebugs
3. She's a big whiny butt
4. She loves bananas and blueberries
5. She still has her puppy teeth but she has a very large mouth. It's like wee little pegs in big ole pink gums. Very goofy looking.
6. Her paws are huge
7. She can bark the alphabet. Okay.. that's a lie.
8. She has a black freckle on the tip of her tongue and on her tail
9. She is not very fast and usually ends up tripping over her own legs when she and Celia are playing chase
10. She eats lying down. Puppy life is hard.

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  1. Love her! She is just adorable! Glad Celia gets along with her :)