Tuesday, October 9, 2012

For the Fall...

Hello Everyone. I suck so much at updating this family blog of ours. It's not that we're not busy, it's just that we're busy doing the same things. Well, mostly. Here's what's new in the Clouse House:

-Jake's back in school. Only 3 semesters to go after this one!
-He'll also be getting his journeyman's license soon.
-I'm a second photographer for a sister in law of mine. Yay! We're super busy this month and I'm shooting my first wedding on Saturday.
-I'm now coaching 7th grade volleyball at a local middle school. They're good girls.
-Still writing
-Our puppies are as funny as ever...
-Busted out the Fall decor last weekend.. Jake complained that we don't have enough Halloween decor and so I suggest a trip to hobby lobby. His response was, "No! You like all the cutesy Halloween stuff. We need to go to (insert name of halloween store here)" Geez. The man cares about his decorations. Who knew.
-I have pretty much stopped drinking diet coke. 3 in the last month. This is a BIG deal.
-We bought a treadmill. I love it.

That's all! I'll attempt to get pictures of things so this isn't such a drag :)

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  1. We have a treadmill too....love, love, love! And I'm with ya on having cutesy Halloween decorations, it makes the house pretty and not scary! Haha