Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Weekend that was 10-10-10

Me and Susan.. off to Albuquerque for a hoppin' weekend :) Throughout this post, each picture will have a quote from the weekend which may or may not be followed by the actual description of the event being photographed.. :)
Also, I realize that one picture is in here twice but it's just too darn complicated to upload a different one and move it so just pretend you're just seeing something new :)

"How do you mix your tang in space?"

Katy-"It's not comfortable but it gets the job done." Susan- "That's what she said!"

Christa- "When one thing goes wrong, it all falls apart." Susan-"It's like life Jenga"

"It's like I'm dating the Village People, I just need a police man.... I do have a parol officer..."
"Just like you shouldn't let the sun set on your anger, you shouldn't let the plane take off on your anger."

"What is this? A parade of hot cops?"

"I'm so tired... but I gotta check my facebook."
Twas an excellent weekend :)

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  1. That looks like so much fun! I'm glad you ran a race for the cure...that is so cool! I really need to sign up for a 5k one day...starting very small and probably staying there. These quotes sound amusing! Miss your face!