Monday, October 18, 2010

The Recent Happenings in the life of "Miss Hoover"

Well well well. Here is the Las Cruces Childrens choir. Two of my lovely students are in there but because I'm not telling you which ones, I can post this picture. They toured Las Cruces last week and sang at ten or so schools, ours included. They were surprisingly wonderful.

Okay so this picture has some sadness behind it. Not literally. Anyways, this is the combined B1 and B2 team. Not all the girls showed up and neither did the other coach. So, to make us look less pathetic, we combined so that we would look like a complete team. One of my girls was talking to me before the big photo shoot and she said "You always smile, Coach. You're very happy. You must have a lot of joy in your life." What a profound observation from and 8th grader. Then she told me she really liked having me as a coach.. and she was one of the ones I made run run run...

Okay.. How can I not love teaching when I'm grading assignments and I come across something like this? I mean seriously! They're getting more creative with their notes to me.. it used to be on sheets of paper, now they're labeling their work. Sweet! One girl brought a coloring book to school today... I got at least 4 drawings for my "office" wall. Love it.

Awesome. Makes you wanna come hang out with me for a day and see the shinanigans we're up to, doesn't it? Haha.. probably not, but still. I love getting little surprises like this.
In other news....

I'm heading up to Salt Lake City next Thursday for some fun and a run. I'll be checking out a charter school while I'm there and figuring out how to get my licensure and how to become a substitute. Also, I'll be lookin' around for some places to live. While I'm there, I'll be doing the Provo Halloween Halfmarathon, too. I'm alittle insane for wanting to do this.. but, why not.

I only have 4 complete weeks of student teaching left after this week. (So it's basically five weeks since it's only Monday of this week.. but four sounds better...) This is a little scary, if you ask me. I'm 6 weeks away from being a real adult with a sheet of paper in my hand that says I'm a college graduate, that I'm legit and can now contribute to society. Holy Moses.

I just want to read books. I want to read kids books, church books, murder mysteries and classics.. And you know what? I can't! Why? Because.. I'm too busy. And this is a sad sad thing. I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas break simply for the fact that I'll get a chance to read a book of my choice. Sigh (P.S- if you have any suggestions for books or any you would be willing to loan me, like the 3rd book of the Hunger Games trilogy, I would be truly grateful for your contribution to my intellectual entertainment)

It's not cold her. What the heck. I can't wait to leave this microwave and head north. Anyhoo... I think that's all I have going on at the moment... I"m trying to keep my life as simple as possible. Really.. I haven't been so planner dependent lately, which, if you know me... is HUGE. I crack it open to write down the essential thing, but it's not nearly as cloudy and overwritten as it used to be. Thank you President Ucthdorf.

Well, my dear friends, enjoy fall. Go buy a cinnamon apple candle and light it up. Get your pumpkins, make your soups and break out the fleecy socks.

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