Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The "Joys" of our Apartment.

"Only 8 months to go," I told Jake last night as we discussed the plethora of "issues" plagueing our apartment. Only 8 months to go. Too bad it's so dang cute. And old. And leaky. So, without further adieu, let me introduce you to the apartment.

We have ants. Lots of ants. I have taken the pantry apart like 6 times to spray and spray and SPRAY those freaking ants. They have resulted in several casualties. We lost a jar of peanut butter to those ants, and some walnuts, and a box of raisins. I hate ants.

My kitchen is the size of a postage stamp. In the picture you're about to see, my counter with the muffins on it.. that's it. That's all the counter space I have.

Not only does the pantry have ants, it also leaks when it rains. The ceiling has at least 3 holes that like to drip drip drip onto the floor below. Driptastic.

Now that I mention rain, the swamp cooler "rains" when it rains. There's no barrier from outside world to our apartment below besides the actual metal vent cover thingy. So, when it rains outside, it also rains in our dining room....which means the carpet is niiiice and wet. Awesome
The bathroom pipes have started to leak. The ones under the sink. We didn't notice it right away until one day I opened it up to find the little cupboard was pretty soggy, as were all the things the rested there. Gross. The wall has started to fall off in there and the joints in the pipes leak, as does the little nozzle handle thingamajig.

We live in the hood. We've had trash stolen. We've been graffitied. Our grass only gets trimmed by the land lord's maintenance person like once a month. Eff!

Oh, and....AND...the living room carpet is a little suspect. It is supposedly "new" and what not but we're pretty sure they changed the carpet layer (maybe) but not the padding underneath and so whatever happened under there is now penetrating our carpet and these mysterious (and large) spots are starting to appear in places where nothing has been spilled. Oy

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  1. Oh geez. I definitely couldn't live there for 8 months! As far as ants go, we had a big problem with them over the summer in some company housing. I got the little bait things at Wal-Mart since the exterminator was a slacker and never came, and they were gone within a day or so and never came back! you just have to make sure that they're are out of the reach of your pets if you have any.