Monday, July 11, 2011

Patriotism and Food

The Ladies!

So a weekish ago was the fourth. As mentioned, there were fun times and plans and such. The Saturday before the 4th we went to the races in town, got spattered with mud and watched a really good fire work show (at close range) with a buncha rednecks. Come Monday, there was a flag raising ceremony and pancake breakfast at the Rhoton's. Here is the footage...

The men. Cookin' up probably 8 lbs of bacon and Jake's mom on the griddle for the pancakes.

Serious cookin'... gotta make enough for 30+ adults and their children...

All the food... and jugs fulla tang and O.J.

Jake had to work so he missed out on this part of the festivities but that night we headed back to Brooke's for a BBQ and fun times. Here's how that rolled out....

This is how we entertain the kids...

My sweet neices... They came up to me and asked for "Pink milk" which translates to a raspberry cream soda.

The Clouses

Jake and his sister Karen. I think these two look the most alike in the bunch..well, besides the twins.. but they don't count.

Brooke and Heber. Our hosts. She sneezed on his shirt and happened to be eating jello. There's jello on his shirt. Ha

I made this! Courtesy of Our Best Bites.

Canyon and Shannon

Canyon and Jake...chatting..Like old times.
Oh and we can't forget Seimor. He's all fat now. He broke his leg a few months ago and that 6 weeks of cast action caused him to put on a few pounds... But he's still so cute!

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