Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Secret Agent Hoover... Reporting for... teaching?

Ha. So today was nuts. I had to go militant on the kids and punish them within an inch of their lives! Why? You ask? Because 17 kids in a class of 27 forgot to put their names on their papers. So, they were punished. The remaining 10 got to play games for 20 minutes and go play in the garden....The "good" kids also got bubble gum. This was huge. You have no idea. They were sooooooo sad. Anyway, after lunch and a slew of activities, we went out to recess. I wore my aviator shades and transformed into Secret Agent Hoover.... and I was looking for agents. After recess, we crept down the hall, me and my 27 agents, and snuck into the class relatively unseen. Now my class loves me again... It was a sad morning that ended quite hilariously.

Also, in other good news.. (and this is me tooting my own horn... because I can) I had a midterm review with my university supervisor and we went through like 30 different components of being a teacher. Anyways, she and my cooperating teacher agreed that I am exceptional. It felt really great. My teacher said the nicest thing about me, too... Something I'll carry with my every day I teach. She said, "She just creates the most joyful environment for the kids." Is that cool, or what? I was really touched. I checked my email shortly after to see that I was nominated as one of the College's outstanding seniors. Now, I know most of my friends were probably nominated, too... But it still is an accomplishment. I"m excited about that. After that, I scooted off to my teams first Volleyball game for the 8th grade tournament. And guess what.... THEY WON! It was like all the practices finally came together at one monumentous time! And they won good... not by the skin of their teeth. It was AWESOME! (I think I'll go buy some celebratory dangly earrings...)After that I went to my wonderful institute class.. As usual, it was awesome. After class, an old friend came up to me and gave me the sweetest, most beautiful bouquet of flowers she had arranged in her floral design class. She said she saw the roses and thought of me and that I should have it. It was one of the most kind gestures a person has ever shown to me. (Thanks Juls!) SO... it was just an amazing day. A-mazing. AND, I think I may have finaggled a job in SLC....

Heavenly Father loves me so much. I am a very blessed girl. I just wanted to share my good news. My life is a good life. I have round two tonight with my vb girls. I hope they do well! Tomorrow I have an interview to be a sub.. not a big deal, but it'll be a job for when Student Teaching ends.. which equals a little money in the bank for little ole me.

Life is good. Count your blessings! I'm sure they're more plentiful than you think :)

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