Monday, July 26, 2010

When a Best Friend comes to town..

Hey Hey Hey!
So this weekend was Fun, with a capital F.
One of my very dear best friends, Zant, came down to Las Cruces this weekend. Whilst here, we ate a lot, visited Mom, and hung out with the cats. His family used to live in LC when he was a kid so we frequented some of their favorite places. We also went to the elementary school he used to go to which happens to be the place I'll be student teaching. I introduced him to the world of Caliche's and also to my local BFF Cass. Good times to be had by all, I must say. We've known eachother almost 8 years now and it's been fun bein' friends for all these awkward years. We succeeded in confusing a lot of folks at church on Sunday.. he's not very inconspicuous... but that's what makes it funny. After loading up the truck with burritos (seriously...3 dozen) and memories, he hit the road back up to good ole Farmington, N.M. Adios, amigo mejor!

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