Thursday, July 1, 2010

I'm such a Mormon

Mormon... not Moron.

Here are some things I've noticed, not on the sly, about myself. I never wanted to be such a cliche, but I am. If you're an LDS lady, you'll know exactly what I'm talkin' about here...

1. I own a cricut cutting machine. (Provo Craft... ha)
2. I have a blog... and nothing very interesting to blog about, but i do it anyway
3. I read other mormon lady blogs like : seriouslysoblessed and the nieniedialogues
4. I have anthropologie bowls
5. I wear cardigans like they're goin' out of style
6. I'm training for a marathon... ugh

7. I'm super crafty.. and when i make gifts, i attach notes that say something like "Made with Love"
8. I wear a CTR ring...

9. I like monogrammed things... a lot
10. I over use emoticons and put !!!! at the end of things... it's excessive, really.
11. I wear tank tops over a white t-shirt... eat your heart out.
12. I do in fact own p90x

So.. How Mormon are you?

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