Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Recent Happenings...

So it's summer time and here's what's been goin' on as of late:

Eating out with friends... The Mix last night with Brianna and Elise
Goin' dancing with friends at sleezy ole Grahams here in LC. We have soooo much fun
Going to the pool on the days I don't have to work in the mornings... best form of relaxation there is..
Running running running. (I have big plans.. big big plans)
Working... at the same place I've been working for almost 4 years now :)

Here are just a few photos from the summer...
Katy, Susan and I... First time goin to Grahams! We Two stepped the night away!
Katy and I at the pool. Hooray
Cassi, Rachel and Myself... After a night of Boba's and Caliches.. it was a delicious evening

Cassi and Christa go to Grahams... :)

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  1. It was fun having you come sew today. I love the new blog. You look so happy!