Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Wedding Post...

Sweet bff, Rachel. Love her. She was a tremendous help for the festivities.
Katy, me, and Susan. My "bridesmaids" if I had em. Such a great addition to the party in so many ways.

I feel like every single thing about this day came straight from a wedding magazine. It was beautiful. There was a lot of love and laughter and joy. It was absolutely perfect. 

His ring was unbelievably hard to get on. Obviously.

All our sweet nieces and nephews. So adorable and wonderful.

The family. Watson/Pierce/Clouse...and a partidge in a pear tree, right?

My "family."

One of our sweet little flower girls. She's the daughter of our photographer/Jake's sister, Karen. She knows how to strike a pose, that's for sure. So cute.

The amazing cupcake stand. The cupcakes and their sugar flowers were made by Jake's twin sisters. Isn't it the most beautiful dessert you've ever seen. And so functional!

Before the "first look."

Oh blessed candy buffet.

It would only make sense that I serenaded Jake at our reception. "My Best Friend," by Tim McGraw. Speaking of Tim... have you seen Country Strong? Great movie! Sorry.. tangent...

First dance. "Then," by Brad Paisley.. apparently this is everyone's first dance song. I'm okay with that.

Jake made me 36 little lanterns to hang around the yard. I love him.

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