Thursday, June 2, 2011

Marriage Advice...

I was just writing some thank you notes this morning and was re-reading some of the cards people sent us. The best marriage advice I've ever read:

"Be kind to one another. We all deserve at least one person who will never hurt us."

For some reason this was extremely profound for me. Thought I'd share :)

Happy Thursday--


  1. That is really great advice! Sometimes I find myself having more of a stricter voice with Tyson than even strangers or friends. I should always talk nicest to my hubsters!
    I really look forward to your new life together, especially when you update fun stuff on the blog!

  2. It's true! I have a really fun update for el blogo that I'll try to get up on Sunday (we don't have internet at the apt. because, well, you know, so we have to take our computers to the family house for internet) P.s-how do I view your blog? Will is show up in my google reader once you're posting again?