Monday, April 4, 2011


Well.. Here it is, folks. We did our engagement pictures on Saturday and took almost 700 photos. Yes, you read that correctly... 700. The shinanigans began at 4:00 and ended around 7:30 when the sun had left us. We got all kinds of cool spots and thanks to Karen Orphey, our pictures are spectacular. We picked out a few last night just so we can get our announcements out...check your mail boxes soon!
The first one is in an alfalfa field off Snow Rd. in Las Cruces. It was fun to sit in all the green. Karen looked like a little sprouted person in all that foliage! But the colors, oh the colors! Wonderful. This second shot was taken on the Picacho Hills golf course. Lucky for us, my mom lives near here so we just strolled onto the course and got some photos.
This location was way random.. It's off S. Main across froma Pic Quik. Can you tell? No! Because it's awesome! This was sort of scary to take because the space between the railroad ties was empty...meaning, if someone slipped, they'd be breakin a leg. Karen sat on a tye and got some grease on her jeans. Bummer. But, they turned out pretty stinkin' cute despite the jeans smear casualty.
Okay. So...sometimes you're walking through Mesilla and you look around and say "Hey that's kinda cool" and you hop a fence into some creepy dilapidated yard and take pictures. Happens all the time, I'm sure. This building was bona-fide haunted. But, alas, the photos taken here are wonderful because of the contrast. Go us.
These were taken on campus. Very flirty and cute and adorable and wonderful. Just like Jake.
Our boots. They're just like us.. Mine are pink.. it's so appropriate on so many levels. It shows how psuedo country I really am but how well I pretend:) So cute.
On campus again. See that flirtiness goin on? I thought so. Isn't he just the most handsome thing you've ever seen? I agree.
In Mesilla fence hopping required here. Adorable. A-friggin-dorable. I'm noticing a trend....
Be thankful there aren't more kissy pictures on here... because we took a lot of those... we Love eachother.. publicly...and often. ha

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  1. Adorable! I love these! Seriously, you guys look so perfect together. Thanks for finally updating your blog! I miss my little tid-bits of my New Mexican!