Friday, August 27, 2010

This week in the life of Miss Hoover

Here is what has been happening in my life as of the last... erm.. three days. I have laryngitis or something and have lost my voice. This is an important detail in explaining the rest of my week for several reasons...When you're a teacher, you have to be able to produce what I like to call a "teacher voice." I'm currently responsible for doing the class read aloud every day. When you can't talk, this is hard. We were trying to meow like cats for something, I couldn't do that either... very discouraging. But, this is the icing on the cake. When the teacher has to leave you to go help another teacher during a very exciting and somewhat gross science lesson, you realize how important it is to be able to speak. It was 2 o clock on Thursday, and there I was... surrounded by 27 chattery, obnoxious, sugared up 8 year olds. And I couldn't do a thing about it. I just had to sit there and ask the students near me to corral other students as best as possible. 

Aside from losing my voice, which I hope will return by Monday...hearing me laugh is just funny itself, things have been wonderful. The kids say funnier things every day. One kid told me today that the class was so lucky to get to hang out with me every day. Oh.. be still my soul. I am truly enjoying them. They are excellent little people... I'm even getting the mosquito bite kid to come out of his shell a little bit.. which is good. 

So.. here I sit. Friday night... I have chores to do, projects to finish, online homework to at least look at and a snail garden to create. But, tonight I'm calling it a date night with Seimor. We're gonna watch a movie with Farnsworth and write letters to old friends. I'm pretty excited about it. On the agenda for tomorrow? All those things listed above... plus some serious soup making... yes, you read that right, soup making. 

Happy Weekend All!

New songs I like:
That's Beautiful to Me- Jaron on the Long Road to Love
Just the Way You Are-Bruno Mars
Stuck Like Glue- Sugarland (and I actually really dislike Sugarland)

p.s- Jesus loves you... and all those people you hate, too... :)

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