Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hello dear friends!

So.. this post is just going to be a random mess of details. I hope you're ready for all this!

I went on a Grand Adventure starting two weeks ago... and what a wonderful time I did have!
Caitlin and I up in Durango at Steamworks for yummy lunch!
My former twin and I... I love this girl!
So.. the Grand Adventure ended in Albuquerque on Sunday, the 15th. I ran my half-marathon. I mean, I actually ran the entire thing without stopping. That's 13.1 miles, folks. In the time it took me to run it, you could have driven to someone really cool and back! haha. But, I am very proud of myself and this was a huge accomplishment for me :) (Believe it or not... your legs are REALLY sore after running that far.... weird, huh)
My number :)

K so I don't know why this is oriented all sideways.. buuut.. that's my time and it shows that I actually ran 13.1 miles.. Just in case there are any doubters in the house.

Bfffff bracelet with Rachel. I heart her :)

Recent Quotes:

"On a scale of 1-10, I miss you a lot"

"If you don't like mashed potatoes, you're not an American."
-Me or Adam... I can't remember

And now and update on the happenings. I have officially started my student teaching. This means I'm in my last semester of school on the road to completing my undergrad. I am in a 3rd grade classroom with 27 little people. It's crowded. So far, though, it has been great. It's so interesting to get to know all their little personalities! I have been blessed to have an extraordinary cooperating teacher, too. I'm a lucky girl. Today we did a writing prompt with the kids that asked them to describer their perfect meal. One young lad raised his hand and asked very seriously... "What if I love two foods equally? Like, corn-dogs AND lasagna?" Clearly this is a predicament! I would have chosen corn dogs... for obvious reasons. haha. The kids say such funny things. I'm going to try to write down their catch phrases for future enjoyment. One little girl raised her hand while we were doing writing and said "Miss Hoover?!" and I said, "What's up (enter child's name here)" and she replied with, "You look like Taylor Swift today with your hair like that.... and because you dress really cool" I was flattered... who wouldn't be. 

In other news.... I'm taking one online class... history of science? Something like that... I'm unemployed. Rachel is in the United States for the next week ish. I'm making my own jewelry and hair clips. The blanket factory (aka me) has been put on hold until I have some form or routine figured out. AND.....I never realized just now much I love post it notes and crocs until this last Monday... mmm

Well, dear friends. I love you all. I will try to keep things updated and fun throughout the next few months as best as I can. Stay tuned!

p.s- love your neighbor...:)

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  1. Love you, Christa! Nice post, it's so good to see you happy!